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Short and Compact Hitting Technique


"Why Every Softball Book, Baseball Book, Magazine Article

and Instructional Video Is Just Dead WRONG

About Hitting, And How A Few Simple Secrets

Will Change Your Players' Skills Forever!"


It’s an amazing step-by-step system that will instantly pump

massive payloads of power into any hitter’s swing, no matter

how small, inexperienced or uncoordinated he or she is!


An "underground" hitting instructor from St. Francisville,

Louisiana is swearing that he can teach ANYONE... even 80

pound kids with zero hand-eye coordination... how to uncork

towering line drives as easily as you can point your finger.


His focus is on hitting fundamentals. The specific secrets of

stance, spine angle, head tilt, hand position and swing path

that nobody seems to get right ... nobody ever teaches... and

nobody but the greatest ballplayers in history have ever

figured out on their own!


What’s more exciting is he’s now ready to teach you everything he knows.


This simple technique can be explosive if you’re a

softball coach or a baseball coach who is interested in improving your team.


You may already know the instructor: Dale Ray Blackard. He

is a popular "underground" hitting instructor.


A former NCAA Player himself, Dale Ray has been teaching

the secrets of hitting for over 30 years... helping young

fastpitch softball players and baseball players find a "pop" in

their bat that makes opposing pitchers cringe and

college recruiters swoon.


And get this - when Dale Ray opened up a private hitting instruction business (that he taught out of his own yard) in 2004, players and parents from all different areas wanted to learn and teach their young players this simple technique. It’s so Simple and He makes it Sound Simple! People were seeing instant results and were willing to pay more than the cost of his lessons.


But the fact is… as impressive as Dale Ray’s technique is, he

still remains relatively unknown to the “mainstream” softball and baseball coaches of America.

You'll have a tough time finding this recluse at national

coaching clinics… and that's the way he likes it.  He's simply

a super-private guy that very few people EVER get to meet.


But if savvy coaches and players from softball and baseball

teams are willing to take the time to listen to his words of

wisdom, you figure there's gotta be something to this.


And there is – as you'll quickly discover the moment you see

Dale Ray pick up a bat and teach young players.


Coaches from every level (from T-ball to Division 1A) have

used his techniques to drastically improve their team's

hitting skills...


Quickly, Easily And With

A Minimum Amount Of Effort


You see, Dale Ray insists he only needs a short time to teach

even the CLUMSIEST kids


How To Develop “PowerHitter” Swing Mechanics


And it doesn't matter how poorly your team is hitting right now,

or how inexperienced your players are.

None of

that matters.


In fact, Dale Ray actually PREFERS to teach uncoordinated

kids with little or no “feel” for the game.  Because he shows

them exactly how to get


Real Good, Real Fast !


Up until now, Dale Ray has jealously guarded this amazing

system for hitting success... sharing it with only his players,

the occasional coach he took a liking to, and a handful of

close personal friends in rural areas of Louisiana.


But that’s all about to change... because a leading publisher

of softball coaching books and videos has finally convinced

him to “go public” and reveal his incredible system to the world.


What’s more, you can learn all of his secrets CHEAP!


it sounds crazy, but that’s how these guys do business.

For FREE you can now get Dale Ray’s amazing secrets

to hitting. It is titled:


Short and Compact

“My Style of Hitting!”


I want a copy of your Book

Short and Compact

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