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Why Short and Compact?


Teaching my simple hitting techniques will be the best thing you could ever do for your players. It is my sincere belief that if you believe in what you are doing and perfect the fundamentals of what you do, you will experience a high level of success. I believe that by utilizing these mechanics, hitting becomes a fun part of the game. Along with making hitting fun, you can maximize their God given talent, that internal drive and desire within each and every player to become the best that they can be. In my book, my goal is to make a significant impact on every player and coach that learns this technique by improving their hitting fundamentals, thus improving their hitting careers.





I believe that the hitters' swing should be Short and Compact. What do I mean by these terms?


SHORT…. I don’t believe in wasted motion. When I teach a player how to hit, I want all of the energy of the swing through the bat into the ball. This motion has to be “Quick” which makes it appear “Short”. So when you hear/speak/read “Short”, think of no wasted motion. One smooth quick movement towards the ball.


COMPACT…Websters definition of “Compact” is "closely and firmly united". That is my mission. I want the hitters motion compacted through the contact zone. I think of a piece of dynamite. A small piece of equipment that makes a Great impact when it explodes. Get the picture? Short to the ball, then Explode through the Ball! Compact. Everything in the swinging motion should be concise and move together. At the point of contact I want the swing to be an explosive motion through the ball. Dynamite!


I believe that the power swing is “Short and Compact”. No wasted motion exploding through the zone. When a player hits the ball using this technique, the ball explodes off of the bat giving the appearance of a shooting dart. This is the result that is desired. I do believe in this “Short and Compact” technique and I hope you will believe in it when you finish reading this book. It is simply put, Rotational Hitting with an extra PUNCH!


There are several areas that we will focus on in this book:

  • GRIP







If you want to learn more, just get my ebook. It is now FREE! That is the cheapest hitting lesson you will ever get. Good Luck with your game and remember,


Short and Compact” is the way we hit . . . . .





Dale Ray Blackard

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